Affiliations Manuwi C Tokai

Human Rights and environment activist: I am dedicated to the protection of human rights and water and land rights of indigenous peoples. In relation to that also to both the tangible and intangible aspects that are a lot of the time not taking in consideration true the measures of the western justice system. My activities are mainly in the Netherlands and the amazone of Suriname. I have been working with different groups. Most of my time I have invested in Kick out Zwarte Piet/the Black Lives Matter movement in the Netherlands and supporting different indigenous leaders in the Amazon of Suriname in advocating for our rights to (clean) land and water and the protection agains genocide and ethnocide/ecocide. 

  • Compensation. I receive no structural financial compensation for my work as an activist. The financial compensation I do receive sometimes is as a speaker or performer at events or for organising and managing events related to this work. 
  • Perspective. Coming from this background I know how much more work we could do for system change in a much healthier way when supported with the right resources. The Leap project can play a critical role in changing the discourse of participatory grantmaking in the favor of radical system change. We can do this by taking the space and time to explore radical experiments with all parties involved. 
  • Potential conflict. The pre-existing relationships I have within the different activist arenas. I will withdraw myself from any decision making that can cause bias in the proces. However I am a part of LEAP because I have a network of activists that I can and will check in with for experiments and further expansion of the LEAP project. 

Artist (Self employed): I am a singer and artist. Currently I am working on new repertoire and writing my first EP. My work as an artist is definitely related to my work as an activist because I am the same person ;). Though there can be some overlap, the processes are very different from each other as well as the colleagues that I work with. I work independently and recruit and create my own projects.

  • Compensation. I am self employed roughly half of my income is coming from my work as an artist. 
  • Potential conflict. I see no potential conflict.

Advisor and trainer (Self employed): As an advisor and trainer I am involved with various organisations, groups and institutions. I am on the anti-racism and inclusion advisory board of the municipality of the city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. I train boards of small organisations in building strong organisational infrastructures that suit their mission and vision. I advise organisations and (semi) governmental institutions on how to decolonize their organisational structures. I speak on panels and incidentally give lectures at schools and universities.        

  • Compensation. For half of this work I receive payment, but a fair amount of the work is unpaid. The payment I do receive makes up for the other share of my income. I will receive payment for the LEAP project from the LEAP project.
  • Potential conflict. That I would have information in advance about the funding of actions or projects of people that I work with or for. I would have no problem signing an NDA for these situations.
  • Potential conflict. LEAP being engaged in funding projects that are conceited ‘too radical’ by the partners that I work with and for. But then again. That’s what I am here for.