The DisCO Project: I am a co-founder of DisCO (including and the forthcoming DisCO Foundation). The DisCO project aims to prototype new and radical forms of ownership, governance, entrepreneurship, and value accounting meant to counteract pervasive economic inequality.

  • Payment. I will be paid for the time that I invest in LEAP.
  • Expectations. DisCO and Leap intersect in the basic goals of disrupting and redesigning support systems for activist collectives, although different approaches and outcomes are and will be taken in our programs. DisCO is meant to develop cooperatives that network and mutually support one another in knowledge sharing and best practices, which is perhaps related to LEAP’s goals but not identical in nature or intent in my view.
  • Potential conflicts of interest: In the future there will potentially be nascent organizations under the DisCO umbrella that would be interested in the LEAP program for funding, although it is not my intention to directly benefit as a participant in applying for any funding but rather to support new DisCO organizations in their search for appropriate funding streams.