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My Shitty Experiences with Donors

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A collection of jaw dropping funding practices and of what you should not do as a donor (By Flaviano Bianchini) After almost 20 years of working as an activist in the field, and after almost 12 years of being the founder and director of an international NGO, I have come across a couple of wonderful donors and dozens of horrible ones. I decided to collect the worst cases just to highlight a few examples of what a donor should not do. The list goes behind the classic “do…

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EDGE Conference was held at Oyoun is a non-profit cultural center that conceives, develops and implements artistic-cultural projects through decolonial, queer feminist and migrant perspectives.

Leap at the 2023 EDGE Conference

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(By Hadiel Holail Mohamed) The 2023 EDGE Funders Conference took place in Berlin, Germany from October 18-20. EDGE Funders Alliance is a global community of 300+ donors, foundation officers, trustees and advisors with a shared belief that equity and justice are critical to furthering sustainable, global well-being. This latest conference, titled, ‘Funding boldly: Systemic change and Alternatives’, brought together funders and movements, organisers and activists from all over the globe. EDGE Funders aims to build relationship with social movements from around the world, also by challenges power dynamics…

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What is the state of Leap in October 2023?

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(By Martin Modlinger) To date, our Leap Ecosystem has brought forward a Climate Justice Experiment, a Decolonising Philanthropy Experiment, and is developing a Radical Care Experiment and a Migrant Justice Experiment. The reason I am talking about the „Leap Ecosystem“ and not just Leap is twofold: First: Leap is fluid. Some of the experiments emerged in the current Leap Facilitation Group, some are carried by former Leap members with just some support by the current group, some have developed halfway externally, but are now anchored in the current…

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Leap as Process

The past four months in the LEAP universe have been intense. Following a series of group and individual consultation calls from October to December, we had to step into a lower gear at the end of 2020. We realised that we had fallen into the trap of wanting too much too fast and not making enough time for the essential things: bridging differences and finding ourselves as a team and reflecting upon all the amazing and critical input that we received — So we stopped ploughing ahead and…

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Transparency, this Blog, and Privilege

(By Romy Krämer) My name is Romy Krämer, and I joined the group of LEAP initiators in August. I’m excited about the opportunity to contribute to another experiment in participatory grantmaking (read more about the first one here). I am especially excited about the opportunity to help create meaningful connections between the worlds of activism and social entrepreneurship via a shared funding tool and community.  One of three key convictions we have with LEAP (next to a systemic stance and genuine participation) is Learning Orientation. Sharing reflections and…

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Consultations and Compensation

A key value of LEAP is “genuine participation.” This is easier said than done. Currently, we are in the middle of running a series of online consultations with about 10-15 activists and social entrepreneurs each. We hope to gather feedback on our initial ideas, expand our network, and identify individuals who would want to join us to build this thing together. And yet, because so far no member of the Facilitation Team represents a potential grantee of the new fund, genuine participation is not yet happening. When planning…

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