The Facilitation Team

We are a small group of people who believe that philanthropy needs to change in order to support systemic change in society. Our backgrounds are in activism, system social entrepreneurship, and philanthropy.

We are five non-disabled people with class privilege from big cities in the UK and Germany who represent mostly donors and intermediaries. We will expand the Facilitation Team to 10-12 people in Q2 2021 to include activists and social entrepreneurs, and to improve diversity beyond gender.

That team will then recruit about 50 founding members, who will create a legal entity. At that point, the Facilitation Team will dissolve, and decision-making power will be handed over to the community.

Tatiana Garavito

Facilitator and Grassroots Organiser

#Activism, #ClimateJustice, #RacialJustice

Romy Krämer

Managing Director Guerrilla Foundation

Affiliations / potential conflicts of interest

#Activism, #Philanthropy, #Municipalism

Martin Modlinger

CEO Renewable Freedom Foundation

Affiliations / potential conflicts of interest

#Activism, #Philanthropy, #Tech

Odin Mühlenbein

Partner at Ashoka Germany

Affiliations / potential conflicts of interest

#SocialEntrepreneurship, #SystemsThinking

Leonie Taylor

Co-Founder Resource Justice UK + Feminist Men Project

Affiliations / potential conflicts of interest

#Philanthropy, #Wealth4Justice


We invite you to reach out if you want to shape Leap at this early stage!


As of 28 April 2021, LEAP has paid no money to any member of the Facilitation Group. 2 out of 5 members are likely to get paid in the future. We will then disclose the total amounts paid.

See our compensation scheme for more information, including the values that guided our decisions.