Leonie Taylor

Co-Founder Resource Justice UK + Feminist Men Project
#Philanthropy, #Wealth4Justice

Resource Justice: I am a co-founder of Resource Justice, which organises young people with access to wealth and/or class privilege to redistribute their resources towards social justice movements. 

  • Payment. I do not get paid for the time that I invest in LEAP
  • Expectations. At the moment, the work of Resource Justice is quite distinct from the work of LEAP so there are no obvious conflicts of interest or overlaps in our organisational goals that I am aware of. There is one potential area of connection which is a working group at Resource Justice called ‘Transforming Philanthropy’ which I am a member of. This works toward shifting the philanthropy sector to a more social-justice oriented approach. Currently our work is focused on the UK. 
  • Potential conflicts of interest: I am a donor and I plan to contribute financial resources as well as my labour to LEAP. I am aware of the potential for that to shift my position of power in the organisation, and I have developed an accountability guide for this for myself and fellow donors which is a document in progress.

Feminist Men Project: I am a co-founder of the Feminist Men Project, which runs workshops on gender equality for men in the workplace.

  • Formal connection. My work at the Feminist Men Project is about changing mindsets and attitudes on gender equality among men, and in this sense it is deep systems change work. However, it is not formally tied in any way to the work of LEAP.
  • Potential conflicts of interest: Feminist Men Project will not apply for any funding from LEAP.

Who we are

We believe that philanthropy must not reproduce the injustices in society in its own structures, processes, and strategies. Transformative philanthropy must put decision-making power in the hands of those doing the work. It must be a supportive, nurturing platform, not a straightjacket.